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Company has professional design team, and established the long-term scientific research cooperation with Hunan University, successively participated in or presided over the establishment and revision of GB/T 23752, GB/T8411, GB/T 4109 etc. national standards, industry standards, perfect product standard system and quality system of hollow porcelain insulator in China. Products cover 10-1000 kV HV and UHV porcelain insulator.

For 30 years, the company has more than 1.5 million pieces product safely operated in the HV and UHV power transmission and transformation filed all over the world.

In recent years, we have supplied good quality porcelain insulators for "the Sanxia project", "Lanzhou east - Guanting 750kV power transmission and transformation project", "southeast Shanxi – Nanyang - Jinmen 1000 Kv UHV AC experiment and demonstration project", "Anhui electricity to east", "SGC key project in north Zhejiang 1000 kV station and Fuzhou 1000 kV station " etc. key national power transmission and transformation project, and been spoke highly by the SGC.

Major products and key manufacturing technology:

A. Hollow porcelain insulator for 750 kV ~ 1000 kV UHV electric apparatus and its manufacturing technique;

B. Hollow porcelain insulator with one piece of 2 to 2.8m height and its manufacturing technique;

C. 110 kV~ 500 kV totally enclosed and tank circuit breaker lead-out bushing assembly;

D. 3 to12m hollow porcelain insulator made by inorganic adhesive production process;

E.  Grey, white glaze etc. research and development capabilities and manufacturing technology;

F.  Heavy dirt resistant type hollow porcelain insulator with shed overhang 125 mm manufacture technology in polluted areas;

G. High alumina ceramic etc. porcelain formula research and development and the product manufacturing techniques.